Practice Fees

We are a private billing practice, private fees apply to most consultations.

Our fees increased on the 1st February 2024. You can view and download our new fee schedule here.

Bulk Billed Services

We bulk bill children aged 12 and under.

If a child/baby is not yet registered with Medicare, we will charge the rebate only upfront at the time of the consultation. We will issue a receipt and a copy of the invoice, which can then be used to claim the cost of the consultation from Medicare, when the child/baby’s Medicare details are approved.

Services that form part of a GP Management Plan (care plan), health assessments and childhood immunisations. Unrelated services requested in the same consultation may attract a private, non-rebatable, fee.

Discount Billed Services

Patients with a Pension Concession Card or a HealthCare Concession Card. With the exception of those attending for Compounding Chemist products and discussions.

Patient Payments and Outstanding Accounts (Debtors)

Patients are required to pay for their appointments on the day, immediately after their consultation has ended.

Payments can be made with either cash, debit, credit or eftpos card in person for face to face appointments. For phone or telehealth appointments, the doctor will pass patients through to reception at the end of the consultation, to pay immediately with either a debit, credit or eftpos card. If appointments have been booked online, we may process the payment using the stored card details. Medicare rebates will be processed as part of this transaction.

Failure to pay for an appointment on the day, will result in the Practice invoking the Outstanding Account (Debtors) Policy, available here.

Cancellation Policy

When patients are unable to attend scheduled appointments, we ask that a minimum of 4 hours notice is provided to give other patients the chance to use the appointment.

If less than 4 hours notice is provided, or a patient does not show for a scheduled appointment with no notice, the following will occur:

  1. An SMS will be sent to the patient’s registered mobile informing them of the missed appointment.
  2. A letter will be sent to the patients’ email or mailing address informing them of the missed appointment.
  3. A $40 administration fee will be applied to the patient’s account, for the 2nd and 3rd DNA in any rolling 12 month period.
  4. A 3rd DNA in any 12 month rolling period will result in a patient being inactivated in the system.
  5. Each instance of a DNA fee will need to be paid before a patient can book any further appointments.

Medicare Rebates

Rebates apply to most consultations. Rebates do not apply in the following situations:

  • Workers Compensation appointments
  • Occupational or University Placement Vaccination appointments
  • Medical or Insurance forms
  • Prescriptions without a consultation
  • Private Injections
  • Cosmetic Procedures

Workers Compensation

Please discuss your specific needs with your doctor before committing your claim to be billed under Workers Compensation. All new Workers Compensation claims must be paid in full after your consultation regardless of insurance status. Once your claim has been approved and we have written confirmation of this from your insurance company, invoices will be directed to the insurance company. Any accounts you have previously paid should be given to your employer for reimbursement. At the time of your first Workers Compensation appointment, you will be asked to sign an agreement regarding the above fee information.

Private Medicals and Forms

Our doctors can perform most occupational medicals, but please phone us to verify that yours is accepted. Please have a copy in front of you, as we will ask you the length of the medical and the type of questions involved. Alternatively, you can email a copy to us and we can verify this way. We cannot provide a cost estimate until seeing the document. Some services may need to be referred offsite. At this time, we are not authorised to complete boxing, diving, mining or rail specific medicals.

The Extended Medicare Safety Net – A Guide for Patients

The Medicare Safety Net is a scheme to help Australians who pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, also known as gaps. It is designed to provide additional rebates to eligible Medicare card holders, who are Australian Citizens or who have a permanent residency visa, once a threshold of gap payments has been reached. This threshold is different dependent on your concessional status.

As fewer providers offer bulk billed services, the numbers of patients paying gaps will increase. There is no need to register for the Extended Medicare Safety Net as an individual, however, it is especially important to register if a number of your family members are concession card holders (such as Pensioner or Healthcare Cards). You will reach the lower gap payment threshold more quickly, if you register as a Safety Net Family.

The amount a medical practitioner charges, will remain the same, however once the threshold is reached, Medicare will contribute up to a further 80% of the gap, increasing your rebate.

This can be quite a complex area, so we have attached a more detailed guide on the scheme and how you can register, in our Extended Medicare Safety Net – Guide 2024. This contains a link to the form you will need to complete, or the number for the Medicare Program, if you wish to register over the phone.

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